MESSAGEA Message from our Director

Our aim is to set the standard
for Specified Skills employment,
as Japan’s #1 most unique Registered
Support Organization

During my years living abroad, I had positive and negative experiences as a Japanese national in a foreign land.
After returning home, I managed foreign workers sent to Japan from overseas for an organization specializing in the Technical Internship Training Program. Having experienced the inadequacies of this system, I decided to register my company as a Registered Support Organization, specialising in not only introducing foreigners to roles under the Specified Skilled Workers scheme, but providing post-employment support.

Our vision in this business is one where we are not just any agency, but rather one with whose partnership our clients can be immensely proud. With employment of foreigners as our main business, we aim to be a company that consciously matches our partners’ growth strategies rather than just referring candidates to a company without any basis. We make proposals based on the long-term vision of a company’s growth, such as the potential for in-house education, or development in markets overseas.

We also focus on the balance between our clients, foreign candidates and our company. We strongly believe that these three parties should grow together over a long term, rather than focusing on short-term profits that only benefit one party.
We are thus very confident that this balance will lead to prosperity for all in the long term.

Proud Partners director


  • 2012

    Establishment of the business – our core focus being management of our restaurant businesses

  • 2014

    Start of Proud Architects, our design and construction business

  • 2018

    We proudly delivered 420 stores’ design and construction projects, both within Japan and overseas

  • 2019

    Complete overhaul of our business – we ceased operations of our design and construction business and started recruitment and placement of foreigners under the Specified Skills scheme

  • 2020

    We graciously received an award for No. 1 most foreign workers supported under the Specified Skills scheme