SERVICEWhat we do

Specialising in recruitment and placement of Specified Skills workers

We hope to play a role as a global partner
Our goal is not just to solve Japan’s labor
shortage in the short-term, we are expanding
our focus to include global development
Our proposal for global workers

Using our extensive network both within and outside of Japan, our role is not only to locate talented foreigners to work in your organization but also after the 5-year period, we support your organization in expanding into overseas markets using the relationship between the worker and organization built over the years worked together.
* Supports all occupations (excluding construction and shipbuilding)

Registered Support Organization Business

“It’s not that there are no workers, it’s that
workers don’t want to work for long.
In this instance, it is not the workers that must
change themselves – it’s the organization that
must foster change in itself.

In addition to daily support for both the foreigners and their accepting organizations, we place great importance on sharing our experience and consulting to the organization on items such as building a human resources management system, an education system, and setting roles.
We also provide Japanese language education services to the workers during the visa application period, all the way through till after he or she joins an organization.

Real Estate Business (Specialising in Foreigners)

Our company specialises in locating suitable accommodation for foreigners living and working in Japan.
We are able to support a broad range of clients, whether individual or corporate (i.e. company dormitories, etc.)
We also provide candidates will support with moving into the new accommodation at the time of their starting employment at a new company.